Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Children’s Home is to provide family centered services via an appropriate period of residential group care for children and youth from 9-21 years of age, who cannot remain at home due to dependency, neglect or abuse; by providing a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to their emotional, educational, social, spiritual and physical growth and development which promotes positive family functioning and/or independent living.


The Central Children’s Home of North Carolina, Inc., a residential child care facility for children who are dependent, neglected or abused, has been in operation for over one-hundred years.

In August, 1882, the Colored Orphanage Association was formed in Henderson, North Carolina by members of the Shiloh and Wake Missionary Baptist Associations. The idea of a home was presented by Dr. Augustus Shepard who had become familiar with the large number of homeless and neglected children by traveling throughout the state.

In October, 1883, a farm of twenty-four acres, located one and one-half miles from Oxford, North Carolina on the Raleigh Road was obtained at a cost of $1,565.00. The home was named the “Grant Colored Asylum.”

The “Grant Colored Asylum” was renamed and incorporated in 1887 as “The Colored Orphanage Asylum of North Carolina.” In 1927, the orphanage was reincorporated as “The Colored Orphanage of North Carolina,” and in 1965 was renamed “The Central Orphanage of North Carolina.” In August of 1986, the facility became known as the Central Children’s Home of North Carolina, Inc.

The orphanage was incorporated as a nondenominational institution to care for children deprived of their parents with the goals of providing them with training along religious, moral and industrial lines and to prepare them for life as productive citizens.

Children have received work experience in farming, dairying, carpentry, bricklaying, brickmaking, barbering, shoe repairing, food preparation, household skills, laundry and related areas.

A scholarship fund was established in 1943 by the late Robert L. Shepard, and through contributions, children have been able to pursue vocational and college education.


The General Baptist State Convention is proud to partner and be a major sponsor of the Central Children’s Home of Oxford, North Carolina.   We ask that you assist us in supporting our ongoing missions work by donating now.

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Phone: 919.821.7466 • Fax: 919.836.0061

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