The following downloadable documents in PDF format on this page represents all official and sanctioned documents of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Here you will find available for download and immediate viewing, information relative to the operational structure, formal documentation and our ongoing missions activity.

In future editions of this page we will also make available, convention agendas, ongoing planning and activity reports and training materials on all levels and subjects, as they become available. Please click on the PDF red and white icon below to make your selection.


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By Laws
(Congress Of Christian

By Laws
(NC Baptist State Ushers

GBSC Articles of Incorporation

BY-LAWS (GBSC Congress of Christian Education).pdf BY-LAWS (NC Baptist State Ushers Convention).pdf GBSC Articles of Incorporation.pdf CONSTITUTION _Amended_ _05-09-06_ _Wilmington_.pdf BY-LAWS (NC State Laymen's League Auxiliary).pdf

By Laws
(NC State Laymen’s League Auxiliary)

Incorporation • Constitution • By Laws Documents

Election Protocol 2014

Election Protocol 2014.pdf

2013 Annual Contributions

2012 Annual Contributions

2011 Annual Contributions

2010 Annual Contributions

2013 Annual Contributions Reports (Corrected).pdf 2012 Annual Contributions Report.pdf 2011 Annual Contributions Report.pdf 2010 Annual Contributions Report.pdf Annual Contribution Report Documents

2014 Annual Contributions

2014 Contributions Report.pdf

2015 Annual Contributions

Annual Report of Contributions 2015.pdf