The General Baptist State Convention supports six primary objectives. Of these objectives, Shaw University is the first among equals, receiving the largest portion of the Convention's missions dollars each year.

Historic Shaw University Campus

When Shaw founder, Henry Martin Tupper, organized a theology class in 1865 that ultimately became Shaw University, the GBSC was formed two years later taking on the challenge to raise funds to support this educational venture.

The Convention has never wavered in its support for Shaw University. In addition to its financial support for Shaw, the Convention has historically encouraged students to pursue their undergraduate and professional degrees at Shaw. Many pastors in general baptist pulpits received their theological training through Shaw Divinity School. The "blessed tie" that binds Shaw to the General Baptist State Convention has been tested and tried, but never broken.

Please assist the General Baptist State Convention continue its support for Shaw University by donating.

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Dr. Dorothy C. Yancy, President of Shaw University, receives donation  check from the GBSCNC presented by Dr. Haywood T. Gray, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the GBSCNC at their Baccalaureate Service held in March 2013

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Shaw University Divinity School traces its beginning back to 1865 and provides theological education dedicated to the preparation of clergy and laity for clinical medical pastoral and teaching professions with a focus on the African American church.

Shaw University Divinity School is the cornerstone of the training and brain trust of Shaw University that develops individuals for vocations in the ministry. Shaw Divinity School’s unique position as the oldest institution for the education and training of ministerial candidates has no equal in the southern region of the United States.

The General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina has been an advocate and sponsor of Shaw Divinity School since 1867. It is due in no small measure to our members’ generous and unyielding financial support that the Divinity School of Shaw University exist today.  

Your financial support is still needed however, for the survival of Shaw University Divinity School. In our downsizing economy, funding for Christian education is constricting while our expenses for maintaining this historic institution still grow. Please assist us in keeping our finest Theological Christian Education institution available for generations to come. Please donate.

Leonard Medical Building ( Home of Shaw Divinity School )


Dr. Tashni Dubroy
Shaw's 17th president