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The above quote from the founders of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, represents the core purpose of our existence as a convention, as stated: “we were formed to support the Gospel ministry and to promote missions.”  This Is Who We Are.

This mandate of purpose charges us with spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It also tasks us with responding to the needs of the indigent, the homeless, the sick and infirmed, the orphans, and the less fortunate. We are also compelled in spirit by our founders to create safe havens for spiritual development and the study of God’s word.

State Missions represents our response to the spiritual and physical needs of our state. Throughout our history this has taken the form of evangelism, Christian education, disaster relief, and providing shelter for those in need. This responsibility of State Missions is extensive because our response is to the needs of communities throughout all 100 counties in the state of North Carolina.

J. J. Johnson Baptist Assembly represents a major aspect of State Missions. Just as important is our response to the many incidents of disaster relief.

In Princeville, North Carolina, the GBSC played a major role in rebuilding housing stock after the devastation caused by the floods of 1999. Princeville, North Carolina was founded in 1865 on the banks of the Tar River by formerly enslaved Africans at the end of the Civil War. Chartered in 1885, it is the nation's first independently governed African American community. In 1999, much of Princeville was lost when flooding from back-to-back hurricanes devastated the city. The city's 2,100 residents, many of them descendants of the original settlers, found their homes submerged under water for two weeks. They lost virtually everything.

These unprecedented floods consumed all of Princeville and many surrounding communities. The General Baptist State Convention was there in Princeville, on the ground, as we have been in so many other communities, large and small, since 1867.

It is our fervent hope that you assist us in our ongoing State Missions activities. The GBSC has been successful in responding to the needs of the North Carolina communities because of your constant and faithful physical and financial support. We ask that you continue to support our State Missions with your donation.

J. J. Johnson Baptist Assembly

Laurel Hill, North Carolina

New homes being built by the GBSC for flood victims in Princeville, NC

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