Congress of Christian Education

Congress of Christian Education Auxiliary


The Congress of Christian Education auxiliary promotes, supports, and inspires Bible teaching and church training across the state of North Carolina. This auxiliary provides strong spiritual and social developmental programs for youth and adults through Sunday Schools, Baptist Training Unions, and instructional programming in the local church.

Congress of Christian Education Officers

2018-2022 Theme:
"Serving the Present Age Through Christian Education"

State Congress President
Mrs. Ruth C. Johnson

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (910) 259-5753

  • First Vice-President
    • Rev. Eddie. R. White, III
  • Second Vice-President
    • Rev. Dr. Terry L. Henry
  • Third Vice-President
    • Rev. Dr. Debra McKoy
  • Fourth Vice-President
    • Rev. Dr. Telika McCoy
  • Secretary
    • Rev. Michael McDougald
  • Director of Music
    • Mr. Reginald Moore
  • Congress Dean
    • Mrs. Janifer Campbell
  • Congress Assistant Dean
    • Rev. Dr. Jamale Johnson
  • Oratorical Director
    • Mrs. Juanita Bright
  • Assistant Oratorical Director
    • Mrs. Gloria Brooks

2021 Oratorical Contest

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