NC Baptist Ushers Auxiliary

NC Baptist Ushers Convention Auxiliary


The North Carolina Baptist Ushers Convention is a statewide organization seeking a united fellowship of all General Baptist ushers in the state. The Convention seeks to bring churches and Associational ushers unions together for inspiration, for instruction, and to influence statewide movements in the interests of good Church hospitality and ushering. The Convention seeks to foster a greater unity of spirit and singleness of purpose among persons who serve in the local Church as “hosts in God’s house.”

State Ushers Officers

2018-2022 Theme:
"Serving the Present Age"

State Ushers President
Mrs. Mary M. Belle

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (919) 464-3176

  • Mr. Jethro Gilchrist, First Vice President
  • Mr. Leroy Watkins, Second Vice President
  • Mr. Robert Stewart, Third Vice President
  • Mr. Reggie Sawyer, Fourth Vice-President
  • Rev. W. Sherman Mason, Dean
  • Mr. Rodney McCormick, Assistant Dean
  • Ms. Lillian M. Davis, Secretary
  • Ms. Michelle Hemphill, Assistant Secretary
  • Mr. Willie Robertson, Parliamentarian
  • Mrs. Wyoma Moses, Asst. Parliamentarian
  • Mrs. Chiquita Douglas, Youth Supervisor
  • Mrs. Helen Thompson, Historian
  • Dr. Robin Peace, M.D. Health/Wellness Instr.
  • Mrs. Virginia Linsey, Program Committee

September 2020
Fall Worship and Workshops

February 27, 2021
Annual One-Day Session Worship and Workshops

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