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Pastor Vacancy Advertisement Request Form

Pastor Vacancy Advertisement Request Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Pastoral Vacancy with GBSC of NC. Listing fee is $150 GBSC Cooperating Congregations, $200 Non-Affiliated and Non-Cooperating Congregations. Please complete the form below.

Vacancy Contact Information

Church Address:
Church Address:
Point of Contact (P.O.C.) Name:
Point of Contact (P.O.C.) Name:

Ministry Vacancy Checklist

Review you advertisement to ensure these key sections are included:

-Job Description
-Minimum Job Responsibilities
-Minimum Applicant Requirements
-Applicant Packet Required Inclusions
-Applicant Deadline
-Application Submission Process
-Important Disclaimers related to background, credit and /or drug tests for finalist.
(100 Words or Less)

Maximum file size: 5MB

Please upload a logo or photo of your church.
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2023 GBSC Annual Session

Register now for the GBSC Annual Session from October 22-26! We will meet at Ellis Chapel Baptist Church in Shelby, NC. Take time and register today!